Calculators Overview

A series of mining-related online calculators are hosted here for public use.  The rationale behind the calculators are based on conversations with colleagues and repeated discussions I've seen on LinkedIn and Twitter.
Each of the calculators are Excel based, simple in concept, and can be developed by anyone who knows Excel. My intent is to develop the algorithms and logic for those who can’t or don’t want to take the time to build them. Or maybe someone just wants to play around with some numbers.

Rock Value Calculator

The Rock Value Calculator allows one to calculate both the dollar value of the insitu rock and the NSR rock value.  Simply enter the orebody grade data in the yellow shaded cells and the rock values are calculated on a “$ per tonne” basis.  Then input the process recoveries and smelter payable factors to determine the NSR rock value.  Is the rock high value?

Bench Slope Calculator

The Bench Slope Calculator allows one either to (i) calculate the Inter-Ramp Angle given a set of criteria (Bench Height, Bench Face Angle, and Catch Bench Width); or (ii) calculate the Catch Bench Width given the Bench Height, Bench Face Angle, and Inter-ramp Angle.



Drill Intercept Interpreter

The Drill Intercept Interpreter is used to evaluate if grade smearing or smoothing is occurring when drill intercepts are publicly reported. Input the main interval and the various sub-intervals to calculate the grade of the residual interval. Is it ore or waste?

Drill Intercept Potential-Gold

The Gold Drill Intercept Potential calculator examines numerous gold exploration drill intercepts and provides an opinion on the economic viability of those intercepts.  One can enter either the major intercept or highlighted sub-intervals within the main intercept. Are the intercepts, as a whole, likely economic or uneconomic?



Drill Intercept Analysis

Similar to the Drill Intercept Interpreter, this calculator is a more detailed examination of a drill intercept. It calculates the residual grade, the insitu rock value for each sub-interval, and equivalent grades for User selected sub-intervals. It also calculates the NSR rock value and the individual metal value contribution.

Mine Production Rate Calculator

This calculator allows the User to take a Resource or Reserve estimate and conceptualize a potential production scenario.  This would include a realistic processing rate based on Taylor’s Rule.  It determines the associated annual metal production. The calculator also estimates the insitu rock value and total contained metal for the Reserve.
Disclaimer:  The calculators should be used for indicative information only. KJ Kuchling Consulting Ltd. assumes
no liability or responsibility for any reliance or use that a user may place on or make of this calculator.