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Bench Slope Calculator

The Bench Slope Calculator allows one either to (i) calculate the IRA given a set of criteria (bench height, BFA, and catch bench); or (ii) calculate the catch bench width given the height, BFA, and IRA.  The yellow shaded cells represent the input cells.
  • Single Bench Height (BH): is the input height of a single operating bench
  • No. of Benches between catch benches: is the input for single, double, or triple benching
  • Total Height (TH): is the calculated total height (# of benches X single bench height)
  • Bench Face Angle (BFA): is the input bench face angle, in degrees
  • Catch bench (CB): is the width of the catch bench, either as an input or a calculated value
  • Inter-Ramp Angle (IRA): is the slope angle in degrees, either as an input or calculated value

Rock Value Calculator

The Rock Value Calculator has been created to calculate the dollar value of the insitu rock.  Simply enter your own orebody data in the yellow shaded cells and the rock values are calculated on a “$ per tonne” basis. One must zero out the values for metals of no interest.
  • Price: represents the metal prices, in US dollars for the metals of interest
  • Ore Grade: represents the head grades for the metals of interest in the units as shown (g/t and %)
  • Process Recovery: represents the average percent recovery for each of the metals of interest
  • Payable Factor: represents the net payable percentage after various treatment, smelting, refining, penalty charges. This is simply an estimate depending on the specific products produced at site. For example, concentrates would have an overall lower payable factor than say gold-silver dore production
  • Insitu Rock Value: this output is the dollar value of the insitu rock (in US dollars), without any recovery or payable factors being applied
  • NSR Rock Value: this output represents the net smelter return dollar value after applying the recovery and payable factors.  This represents the actual revenue that could be generated and used to pay back operating costs

Drill Intercept Interpreter

Drill Intercept Interpreter - The yellow shaded cells represent the input cells.
  • Main Interval: is the dimension of large interval being reported
  • Including:  are the dimensions of the various highlighted zones
  • Remainder of Intercept:  is the average core grade(s) outside the highlighted zones
Input or delete data from cells as necessary.
Disclaimer:  These calculators should be used for indicative information only. KJ Kuchling Consulting Ltd. assumes
no liability or responsibility for any reliance or use that a user may place on or make of these calculators.