Mine Production Rate

interactive cloud hosted calculator
This calculator allows the user to take a Resource or Reserve estimate and conceptualizes a potential production scenario.  This would include a realistic processing rate and associated annual metal production. The calculator also estimates the insitu rock value and total contained metal.
Mine Production Rate - The white cells are User input cells.
  • Select Metals of Interest from the dropdown list.
  • Input the Resource tonnage and grades.
  • Reserve:Resource Factor: is an estimate of the percentage of the Resource tonnes that convert to Reserves.
  • Grade Dilution Factor: The Resource is normally undiluted, so apply a general dilution factor to the metal grades.
  • RESERVE tonnage and grades: this incorporates the two factors described above,
  • User can modify metal prices.
  • User can modify process recoveries.
  • The Insitu Rock Value is based on the metal prices and grades without any recovery or payable factors.
  • Mine Life: is calculated based on Taylor’s Rule, but can be overwritten by the User.
  • Annual and daily processing rates are based on the estimated mine life.
  • Annual metal production is based on the Insitu Metal x % Recovery / Mine Life.
For a bit more discussion on this calculator, view the explainer video here: Mine Production Rate Calculator
Disclaimer:  This calculator should be used for indicative information only. KJ Kuchling Consulting Ltd. assumes
no liability or responsibility for any reliance or use that a user may place on or make of this calculator.