Drill Intercept Potential-Gold

interactive cloud hosted calculator
The Gold Drill Intercept Potential evaluator examines the grade and thickness of gold exploration drill intercepts and provides an opinion on the economic viability of these intercepts.  One can enter either the major intercept or highlighted zones within the main intercept. The yellow shaded cells represent the input cells.
  • Interval: Enter the estimated true width of the intercept in metres.
  • Grade:  Input the Au or AuEq grade for the intercepts. The more intercepts added, the better the assessment.  Assays greater than 10 gpt, simply input 9.9 gpt.
  • Cost Trend: Select whether this project would be located in a low operating cost region, a high cost region or average costs are to be expected.  This impacts on the boundary between “likely economic” and “likely uneconomic’ domains.
For more information, you can read the blog "Gold Exploration Intercepts – Interesting or Not?"
Disclaimer:  This calculator should be used for indicative information only. KJ Kuchling Consulting Ltd. assumes
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