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Update: This blog was originally written in Aug ust 2015, but has been updated in Dec 2018.
A while ago (in 2015) on LinkedIn I noticed a discussion from a member of an Australian/New Zealand consulting group about developing an on-line community for undertaking free peer reviews of new resource estimates and technical reports.   The objective was to help the mining industry improve on their standards, consistency, and quality of resource estimates and the supporting technical reports.
RSC created a library of technical reports that can be accessed via a searchable map on their web site at this link.  The map functionality is quite unique and interesting.  Check it out – there are many global projects already listed on the map.
Originally they also proposed a peer review concept. The goal was to develop a team of pre-approved volunteer mineral consultants that would review the various technical reports for accuracy and compliance. The hope is that such on-going peer reviews would help improve the quality of technical work.
It appears that the peer review aspect has been discontinued.  However currently, when viewing an individual project there is an input box that asks “I would like to anonymously report a compliance or data error issue with this report.
The website also allows you to search for reports based on date, commodity, stock exchange, type of study, as well as other criteria.


If you are interested in the technical aspects of different mining projects in different jurisdictions, check out the website.  It provides more projects than if looking on SEDAR only.

2 thoughts on “34. On-Line Technical Report Library

  1. hardrockminer

    It’s difficult to acquire technical reports on companies not listed in Canada or the USA. The ASX doesn’t require their release…only a barebones discussion by the QP.

    I would be in favour of an online resource with peer review. I think it would go a long way toward cleaning up some of the garbage currently being published. I won’t name names, but there are certain consultants out there who do terrible work.

  2. Ken Kuchling Post author

    I understand that the report review aspect of the web site is now live at The upper right side of the map menu lets you see those studies that have been reviewed.

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