Mining Resources

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I have created numerous spreadsheets during the course of my mine engineering work.  These spreadsheets range from simple illustrative calculations to complex cost models and discounted cashflow spreadsheets.  A few of the simple algorithms are provided below.
Disclaimer:  These calculators should be used for indicative information only.  kj juchling consulting ltd assumes no liability or responsibility for any reliance or use that a user may place on or make of these calculators.   Users should not rely on them for making financial decisions.


Consultant Links

  • P&E Mining Consultants Inc. 
    An Ontario based resource and mining consulting firm and major client of KJ Kuchling Consulting Ltd.
  • Peter Card Economic Evaluation
    Informative website to learn about general cashflow modelling and spreadsheets.
  • Sim Geological
    Vancouver/Denver based consultants, Mineral Resource Evaluation, Modelling and Governance



  • Ritchie Brothers
    An auction company that provides pricing for used equipment (see Auction Results page).


Technical Papers