Articles for October 2016

54. Windshieldink – New Smartphone App

After the last few years, the downturn in the mining industry has given me time to pursue a few side interests. Writing this blog was one of those interests. The other was developing a new smartphone mobile app called Windshieldink. The tag line is “it’s the new way to leave a note on a windshield”. The website is
Windshieldink image
Here is an overview.
Windshieldink’s messaging platform allows anyone to anonymously send messages to vehicle owners registered with Windshieldink using the vehicle license plate number. Registering a license plate with Windshieldink is free. The app provides users the convenience of receiving their messages by e-mail or phone text message. You also have the option of receiving push notifications, attaching contact information, attaching a GPS location within your message, and there is also an in-app chat functionality.
Stats Canada reported 23.9 million motor vehicle registrations in 2015. Based on personal experience, the desire for being reachable via a license plate number was recognized as far back as the mid-1990’s and is becoming even more recognized as new vehicles enter the roadways daily.
The Windshieldink messaging platform is available worldwide, however we are concentrating marketing efforts in North America due to our limited marketing capacity.
The app is now free to download from Google Play Store and App Store and hopefully simple to use.
Here is a video link to how the app works.

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